Saturday, 4 November 2017


Am I my dark ugly past?
The days when there was no strength in my vein to withstand the tempest,
The days when adversity pinned me down, and desperation camped at my doorstep
The days when tears flooded my face and my heart, fears beset
The days when my life was a mess and living was a constant nightmare.
Am I the lessons of my past?

Am I the struggling young man?
Who’s constantly worried of ‘what if I fail’, though thinks he can,
Who’s curious to taste the sensation of sin but prays to match thro’
the heaven’s gate,
Who longs to embrace his destiny but still live on fate?
Who yearns to express his authentic-self but still craves the comforts
of convection,
Whose feet itch for nobler paths, but inwardly doubt if he’ll ever
reach the destination.
Does in me dwells the irritating uncertainty that spice life?

Am I the courage and determination and good feeling?
Am I the drums at frenzy? Am I the soothing voices singing?
Am I the carefree bird of the sky?
Am I the passion, the zeal and the fire?
Am I a crayon?
Am I the resilience, that when knocked down, I’ll get up to fight on?

Am I the version of myself that the world wants to see?
Or, I am the version of myself that I want to be.
Is life to be lived, not questioned?

Monday, 13 March 2017

Do not Love Me.

Did I buy for you flowers on Valentine and went to my knees as I give them to you? Do I constantly text you in the morning to find out how your night was?  Do I show concern and affection, above the required levels, to you? Err… can you see love in my eyes when I look at you?
I do not know how to explain myself to you on matters of my heart. If you were any other lady, I would have quickly told you off in a sarcastic tone that love is for the birds. I wish there was a way to make you understand. A way to make you see the heaviness of my heart. The truth is, I would love to hold on, to fight on, and to care for you forever. But I have to let go. Maybe my heart was never meant to commit to somethings as blissful as romance. Maybe love is not for everybody and I am one of the unfortunates. Maybe we are too perfect for each other in a way that the heavens did not expect. All the same, here I am, trying to piece these numerous ‘maybes’ and explain the unexpected turn of events (not of hearts, because I can still feel our hearts beating).

In the middle of our conversations, you would unexpectedly text, ‘I love you’. Many times when I am unsure you would gentle squeeze my hands and encourage me to go forth. Our friendship is the best thing I have ever experienced. Deep down, I know I love you; it surprises me how deeply I do considering that I have always been shy of love. I love to see the spark in your eyes. I love how your smile curves. I love your audacity. I love your authenticity. I just love you, yet here I am wanting to call it quite even before it begins.

I know you will read this and maybe cry. I am sorry I cannot think of a softer way to convey the message. I know you will read this and hate me, forgetting the good times we have had, but your hate I can live with. I know you will read this and feel helpless.I also know that you will eventually overcome all, for I have tested and trusted your strength. May bitterness find no place in your heart when you finally get to the last full stop.

Love does not simply work for me. It is a weakness; it mires focus, disorders plans. Love confuses the mind and exposes the heart to pain. Love is a fantasy, a dangerously unrealistic world. You came to me from nowhere, made me discover an exciting part of me that I never imagined existed. I wish I could have you by my side as long as my heart beats, but the truth on the ground is, when my heart will stop (for long is not forever!) I shall have lost everything. Everything I am, everything I could be. Everything I could have done to humanity. Everything.

There is a greater course in life, or rather, the lives of some people. A course that demands absolute dedication. There are paths that require greater sacrifices. There are passions untamed, passions never to be mixed with madness of love. Exciting adventures to be enjoyed alone.

More words beyond this point will be meaningless. Simply put, love is a distraction I cannot stomach. However, if we can walk hands in hands at sunset and not label that as love, then I am in. If we can enjoy every moment of our lives acknowledging that it is not to ourselves do we belong but to Divinity, then I am in. I am in, if you promise to overcome the craziness of red dress and rose on Valentine. If you stop loving me, then I am in. Otherwise, goodbye.

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

...but that was YESTERDAY

Let the day be filled with light. My plans shall smoothly flow. My demons will have no say on what I can or cannot do from now hence. Nothing shall daunt, nothing will intimidate. I am stronger, and the haziness of the future is an opportunity for me to build my resilience. I am better and bigger, the challenges in my path are a chance for me to increase my faith (by overcoming them). Faith will be my guide and hope will keep me going.

I have nothing to fear, for fear is but a shadow. My passion glows bright, brighter than the sun. Yesterday my love was misunderstood, the good in me ignored, but that was yesterday. Yesterday I fumbled, yesterday I stumbled. Yesterday I was laughed at, scorned and jeered. That was yesterday. Yesterday I looked at myself with pity and doubted my abilities. Yesterday I did not care about today; I was illusion to believe that I had no reason to live, to love and to be happy. Yesterday, but not anymore. Not today! Yesterday I was obsessed about fate, today henceforth I purpose to be possessed with destiny. I shall overcome the hurts of yesterday; shove the behind me forever. This is my day and I have every reason to claim the crown.
The good in you might seem so minute that you do not have hopes of living to be the person you ought to. You have crosschecked with where you are now against your ambitions and doubted your sanity. Every time you try, your faith diminishes and now you are painfully considering quitting, for you think it will be safer that way. In the Motivational seminars (which you have faithfully attended month in- month out) they have preached to you that every time you consider giving up you should reflect on why you started in the first place. It is not that you do not understand that gospel, but the steps you have covered are insignificant and when you compare the way you still have to travel and the good in you, you see no relationship. Clearly, there is no reason to hold on, but here I am with a little surprise for you; there are reasons to keep going! For the ‘minute good’ in you is the basis required for greatness.

The secret is to wisely keep keeping on. The heart will fatigue, you will faint, but what worth having comes easy? Besides, every time you dust yourself and make a comeback into the track you build on your willpower a block higher. Willpower is an essential in achieving the better you. Strong and stable willpower is a beautiful thing (for nothing can intimidate you) but the process of building it is not that beautiful (ugly does not apply). Mastering it demands patience, perseverance and consistency on our part. We are required to make active choices and to be in control of ourselves 24/7, not some clueless desires or infatuations that have no idea what is best for us.
A good scenario; You have purposed to eat healthy but pizza or sausages cannot seize to tempt. You are now approaching your favorite fast food joint on your home after work and the aroma is overwhelming. The delicious taste of pizza has already formed in your mouth and you imagine yourself mulching slowly on a pie of pizza wanting to get the bliss of every bite. At that moment, although you did not plan for it, you feel pressed to fulfill the desire. Take a breath. Count thirty seconds off head. Now decide if you really want the pizza or a healthy lifestyle. Every moment we make such active choices, based on what is good for us and our ambitions we build on our will power and the ‘minute good’ in us grows better and better and bigger. And our yesterday fades into the past. 

We do not have to sprint like Bolt; we do not have to drift through life like a falling leaf either. We can be champions in our own light. We can be the better us. Putting yesterday behind us, doing our best today and believing that the future holds the best for us. If your yesterday was amiss like mine, say with me, ‘but that was yesterday’ and let us move on. Always be on the positive side of life. Happy New Month. May March march you forward.  

(with friends at Kenya National Museum)
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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Three Best Ways On How To Give Your Article A Romantic Touch.

You have been writing for sometimes now, you aren’t quite sure whether you are making progress or stagnating. But deep down within a feeling of not doing your best is nagging you. Sometimes you chance others’ blog post and marvel at the beauty of their art. Instantly you get motivated! You are now itching to do better than them and as if your bottled-up potential has been waiting for such motivation, your next article surprises even you. Unfortunately the spark is gone as soon as it came. Now you can’t help but keep on postponing the random ideas. This article you are reading is meant for you. (I’m not guaranteeing a vacuum success) Take note of the three tips on how to give your article a romantic touch and you’ll be 75% through with an amazing article.

Many writers, some seasoned writers not excluded, are terrible at relating and striking a balance between the intended message and the language of delivery. But you’re not “many writers” nor are you “some seasoned writers”. You are yourself, a cut off the masses. Important to note; no matter how wonderful your ideas are if your language does not match the intended message then you will lose the audience. Yeah, I know it is a simple idea, albeit akin to common sense we tend to overlook it. Create a bond between you and your audience; make them feel your passion, your art. When you are nostalgic let them be too, when you are bereaved give them a reason why they should mourn with you. And when you’re done they’ll sure miss you. Just like in our daily conversation, use language to create a bond and hook your audience.              

Master the art of patience. This will make you be at peace. Great pieces are created when the mind is calm. One useful habit I have learn over time is dairy keeping. It does not have to be a standard dairy really but just somewhere you can keep track of your random thoughts through the day. This way you will avoid the suffering of trying hard to remember the ideas which came to you while you were on your way to work. It is frustrating, messes with your plans and time consuming. Never believe the big lie that you’ll remember. Also take time with your piece, don’t be in hurry to publish. Turn it again and again, exhausting all the possible splendid ways it can be presented. Patience bears consistency, consistency breeds brand, and brand is your reputation, brand is what readers read.

Sprinkle a little romance to your article (whenever possible) but be cautious not to force. Just let love flow. Readers can subconsciously sense when an article is cohered, they may not put a finger to it but it turns them off. Psychologists say, and I agree with them, that love is a universal human feelings. Why not turn it to your advantage? Narrate that story; compose that poem in a romantic way. One which no callus heart can resist. Romance also gives you a chance to enhance flirty, mystery, twists and surprises in your article/story. You don’t have to be writing about a rosy love affair to be romantic, just write romantically. 

We're not done yet. Now write. And keep on writing. As long as you can .On any subject you want. The act of writing is the only sure way to master the art of writing.75% success is no success without the remaining 25%. If you are consistent then you'll make a name for yourself.
I wish you success in your writing adventure.


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Writing Is Never A Walk In The Park.

Every writer, established and budding alike, will testify to this verity; writing is never a walk in the park. The wonderful ideas and the splendid imaginations throws you in a febrile and you find yourself lacking words to pen. It is especially challenging to tackle the introductory paragraph for the prose writers and stanza for the poets. Every time you lift the pen, scribble a few lines, sigh and then discard the paper, because you feel you’re expressing yourself in a lacklustre language or manner. Other times you start on high note, with great enthusiasm, only to write yourself to a dead end and wonder what to do. These are common challenges we all experience at one point in our odyssey of writing.

Different writers write for different reasons, some of which, honestly, are unknown to me. Yet I will be quick to point out that some write on feigned passion. Or, in better terms, ‘write for the wrong reasons’ as quipped by my friend Anthony Wambugu. Ask me the reason I write and I will tell you that I write for personal satisfaction. I write from intrinsic motivation. I write from the urge to either lambaste wrong or celebrate victory, show the thrill in prose or the beauty in poetry, recount tales or tell stories. Well, my reasons might differ with yours but take it from me that any great piece is anchored on passion. Write what you are passionate about and you will be surprised to realize latter that coffee time passed you unnoticed.

Whatever is hot will be cold. This verisimilitude works in favour of bedbugs but, unfortunately, against writers. Your pendulum is at its lowest point today and therefore; you don’t feel like writing. But inside you something is still pushing you to at least jot down three lines since you are conscious about the 10,000-hour rule. Go ahead and write, it is worth the effort. The best way to learn and master the art of writing is to write, whether you are into it or not at the moment. Write, write and write. Even if what you are writing don’t make sense, for in the near future it will. Everyday create something new.

Don’t permanently delete your work. Writing is a puzzle, you ain’t sure what fits where until you’re done, (I’ll put down my pen when I breath my last). Your first scene isn’t appropriate? Save or shove it in the recycling bin, it will fit somewhere somehow in the middle of the story. And if it doesn’t, trust me you still have several writings to do, it will be very useful one day. Writing is an addictive hobby.

Overlearn about the genre you are in and read widely. Yes, I said overlearn and read widely. Here is where obsession helps. Every genre has unique principles and requirements. Master them, and you will ever be relevant. Beware, we are in an ever changing world, unless you are up to date you will soon be archaic. As a writer, spend at least two hours a day online. The internet present invaluable materials which you can’t afford to miss.

Attending literary forums is another vital culture every writer must embrace. Don’t tell me that such forums are nonexistence in our country while our Writers Guild’s Fridays evening lounge at The Kenya National Museum and Amka forum every last Saturday of the month at Goethe Institute always have empty chairs. That’s just to mention a few.
Finally, be open to possibilities that can help you build your talent. I have observed that surrounding yourself with friends who you share with same passion, increase your chances of tumbling on numerous opportunities and is also a motivating factor.

What good thing come easy? Golds pass through the furnace and diamond must endure heat and pressure. Never say that you will be a great writer someday, be that great writer instead. Don’t be under the illusion of ‘naturally talented’, talents are natured, and if not, they ‘die a naturally death’, my mom would to joke.
I believe in the Kenyan writers; they will achieve much more than is expected.